Friday, November 9, 2007


Madeline turned 7 last Friday, November 2nd. Here are some pictures of that day and her "Little Mermaid" party.

The Birthday girl dressed up as "the Little Mermaid with fins".
(This was a present from Grammie and Grandpa Judisch!)

Here is Evelyn dressed up as "the Little Mermaid with legs".
She is modeling the face painting that we did for all the girls at the party.
Neal did the mermaid, and I did the "Flounder"...yes I know his is better!

We had a fish pinata.
Note: Evelyn is now "Cinderella"...she has multiple princess personalities
(FYI: It takes four little girls a while to break one of these!)

Birthday Girl blowing out her candle.
Madeline has a thing for "birthday hats"...You MUST wear one if it is your birthday and you MUST wear it as you are blowing out your candles...

Present time!

On Halloween night we took the kids to a Fall Festival at a local mega-non-denominational-very rich church called Journey Church. They have over 4000 members! This place is HUGE! All night long from 5pm to 9pm they had Papa John's pizza, sodas, and cookies. They had 5 different inflatables all indoors-3 moon bounces, 1 obstacle course, and 1 giant slide. They had games, face painting, nail painting, candy, etc. Outdoors, there was a hay ride, a petting zoo and pony rides! Everything was absolutely free! Here are a few pictures:

Here is "The Little Mermaid with Legs", "Aurora" AKA "Sleeping Beauty",
and "Mr. Incredible" (that is as "dressed-up" as Aidan gets!)

Sliding down the moon bounce...

My camera died after these pictures, but the kids had a BLAST!