Friday, April 24, 2009


Sunday was Lillian's first birthday! Lillian is such a sweet and happy baby. She has the cutest little wrinkle nose smile and beautiful blue eyes. Her Judisch curls are starting to form at the back of her blonde head, although she still doesn't have enough hair for a bow! She is our first thumb sucker, only when she is tired. She wants to do everything the big kids do and she adores them as they do her. She loves to dance and waves to her fans, which happen to be everyone we encounter. We had a joint party for her with her cousin Cambria when they were here for Easter. Lillian and Cambria are 5 days apart. Click on the picture below to view the birthday Album. It is best to view as a slide show.

She is also beginning to walk more and more! Here is a video of her going across the living room! She is unable to stand up independently, but she will pull herself up on anything and then she is off walking until she loses her balance!
We love you little Lilly!


Kristen and Dave said...

so fun! glad y'all had some great time together...sweet cousins!

Candace said...

Too cute!!!!!

the mccann clan said...

Happy Birthday, Lillian! :) Looks like everyone had a great visit - wish we could've come too.

I loved the video of Lillian's girly-girl walk too - so cute!

Thanks for taking the time to share!